ICERA 2019 – The second International Conference at Thai Nguyen University of Technology

15:10 - 27/02/2021

To celebrate the traditional day, the “International Conference on Engineering Research and Applications”, Icera 2019 took place on December 01st   2019. The conference was co-organized by Technical Ilmenau University, Germany. The aim of the conference is to promote cooperation and exchange of scientific and technical research among scientists in the world. At the conference, scientists have opportunities  to introduce in-depth research, exchange and discuss scientifically to raise awareness of the role of application and development of science and technology disciplines.

The conference was honored to welcome scientists from countries around the world such as Germany, France, UK, India, South Korea, Taiwan, China etc.
Opening speech and leading the conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Duy Cuong - Rector of the University would like to thank all delegates and scientists who took their time to attend. ICERA2019 is an international forum for information dissemination on scientific and technical research works. At the conference, scientists presented and discussed their research projects, research results and shared experiences in research in English language, thereby helping domestic and foreign scientists to participate. It is expected to have closer access to research issues as well as increase the ability to use English for academic purposes in research and training. At the conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Duy Cuong respectfully acknowledged the scientific meaning, creativity as well as the valuable practical application of the research works to the socio-economic life.

 ICERA 2019 conference attracted more than 150 delegates with 83 reports in the subcommittees of scientists from domestic and foreign universities. 

Some photos of the conference