An overview of Technology activities of Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT)

09:17 - 12/11/2014

After nearly 50 years of establishment and development, researchers of TNUT have been showing their potential in broadening relationship with other institutions in Vietnam as well as in abroad to make intellectual products, which can apply scientific advance in reality to strengthen research activities of the country. Besides, TNUT indicates that “ scientific research is an activity of improving training quality. In addition, the number and quality of teaching staff are also enhanced.

Annually, a big number of articles are carried out at National, Ministerial and college level, including projects signed between TNUT and other universities and institutes in Vietnam and in the world. The results of these articles have been published in many nation and international journals, some of which were awarded nation prizes, VIFOTEC is an illustration.

In 2013, articles which can be applied in reality have been carried out at TNUT. 2 Expert Groups have been set  for SEA Formula and Drones.

Being with  research staff is students at TNUT who are very enthusiastic in scientific research. Lots of articles have got awards of Ministry of Science and Technology, Toyota, Canon, Samsung…

Academic conferences are continuously organized to attract the consideration of leaders as well as scientists in the country.

Research and Technology exchange activities of TNUT always meet the require of enterprises.