Automotive and Power Machinary Engineering

14:34 - 28/07/2015

1. Knowledge

- Having knowledge of basic principles of Marxism – Leninism, Ho Chi Minh ideology and the revolutionary line of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Having basic knowledge in the field of social and humanity science; Having good health, meeting the requirement of constructing and defending the country. 

- Having knowledge of mathematics, physics, and basic knowledge of natural sciences to study the basic and professional courses, as well as ability to study higher education.

- Having the ability to use foreign languages such as English, French, Russian, Chinese... in research and study.

- Fluently using microsoft office and applied information technologies in designing such as CAD, CAE.

- Having deep knowledge of automotive engineering; management, services business, automotive and power machinery testing.

2. Skills 

- Having ability to redesign, design new components, sets of components of standard cars.

- Having ability to manage and provide services related to automotive engineering.

- Having ability to use, operate, test, diagnose, maintain and repair as well as research, renovate automotive and power machinery systems to improve utility performance.

- Fluently using softwares in the field of automotive and power machinery systems.

- Having ability to work in multi-disciplinary groups.

- Having ability to diagnose, recognize and solve technical issues.

- Having ability to communicate technically.

3. Attitude

- Having consciousness of citizen responsibility and proper ethics; a sence of disciplinary and industrial style;

-  Having a logical working method, ability to analyze and solve issues appearing in practice; accumulate experiences to shape thinking and reasoning skills.

4. Possible working positions after graduation

After graduation, engineers of this program can take the position as an engineer or a manager in :

- Companies manufacturing, assembling and trading automotive and power machinery systems and component parts such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan.

- Automotive testing stations;

- Manufacturing and services units related to automotive and power machinary in the field of Security, Defense and others.

- Research and training institutes, centers, universities and colleges with the major of automotive engineering.

5. Foreign languages and informatics

- English proficiency equivalent to TOEIC 400. Having ability to use other foreign languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese...

- Computer proficiency equivalent to level B. Fluently using Microsoft Office and applied softwares such as CAD, CAE, Matlab...  

6. Ability to study higher education after graduation

- Having ability to self-study, research and quickly acquire new technologies.

- Having ability to continue studying at higher levels.