Great chance for students to experience under the prestige paid internship program in Japan

09:28 - 25/05/2017


    On December 26, 2016,there was the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between Thai Nguyen University of Technology and the Japanese  Association of Traditional Culture Affairs, MEISTER. This is the first time the university has signed a contract with a non-profit Japaneseorganization in order to cooperate on internship programs, working programs in Japan with 100% free of fees of profile, visa, air ticket ...

       Determining that this is a great opportunity for the students and an important goal for the development of the University’s International Coperation Programs in the coming period, on March 2, 1977 the university held another meeting with Meister to find the optimal solution which is the most beneficial to the students when participating in the paid internship programin Japan.


      There were Mr. Norio Amemiya - Chairman of the Association, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nguyet - Director of the limited Company of International Academy of Education Management ATI. From TNUT, therewere Assoc. Prof.Dr. Vu Ngoc Pi - Vice Rector, MSc. Nguyen Bao Ngoc - Director of Center for On-Demand Training, MSc. Pham Khanh Luyen - Chief Accountant, MSc. Nguyen Tien Dung - Deputy Head of Office for Student Affairs, MSc. Bui Minh Phuong - Deputy Director of the Center for International Training Cooperation. The two sides exchanged and agreed on the best way for students to participate in the paid internship program in Japan.

      Students are required to pre-pay 7.000.000VNĐ when attending courses including N4 Japanese course, cultural behavior course, and working skill course in Japan for 8 months. When students  get the N4 certificate, the Japanese Association and Enterprise will provide them with full funding support to Japan and do the visa procedures for them for free. When receiving the visa, before leaving for Japan, students will pay 16.500.000VNĐ, the remaining tuition fees of the two courses. The students  with difficult circumstances can pay the remaining amount when receiving monthly internship salary.

      Immediately after the meeting between the two sides, the university continued to hold a conference between the university, Meister Association and students to discuss the benefits of the program.

      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Ngoc Pi gave a very profound speech on the program. He said"In order to become a global citizen, students need to be equipped with specialty knowledge, foreign languages and soft skills." When enrolled in the internship program, students will be fully equipped so that after completing it, they confidently devote their youth to the development of the country.

      Students were very excited about the internship program in Japan and asked questions to understand the programmore so that they could make the right choice in the future. The president of the Meister Association was very enthusiastic in answering all the questions of the students.



      Japan, a modern, civilized and humane country, will be an excellent country for the students to experience, learn the working skills, reel themselves into the rotation of modern life. This will be an opportunity for all students who want to succeed in life.

     Trust the opportunities offered by the University and be confident in your ability to discover new limits of life.