Mechanical designing and manufacturing processes program

10:04 - 21/07/2015

After completing this program, students may have the abilities to:

1.      Technical Logical thinking and problem solving:

-         The ability to recognize the problems and come up with ideas.

-         The ability to reasonably visualize the problem.

-         The ability to analyze and evaluate.

-         The ability to promote new solutions and suggestions.

2.      Empirical Research and knowledge discovery 

Students are able to form hypothesis, take research, find out and synthesize information, also design/implement experiments to check hypothesis.

3.      Systematical thinking

The ability to view problems in general, determine all the unexpected problems and interactions within the system, to arrange or determine the center factors, and the ability to analyze solutions / options.

4.      Personalities and job characteristics:

Students are trained to develop and express themselves in terms of: Creative thinking capabilities, analytical thinking, personal skills as well as self-studying skills, information utilization skills, self-recognizing skills and time management skill in arranging works; trained to be honest at work, duties and responsibilities, communication style, building up plans for future; high awareness of updating new information about achievements in technology.

5.      Team working:

Students have the abilities to arrange effective groups to do the work, maybe to play the leading role in a team, or joining group activities as a member of a group having common interest, in international environment.

6.      Communication:

Students learn the abilities to form ideas and think logically and effectively; also the abilities to present technical designs by various graphical means; the abilities to communicating traditionally or electronically by writing written mails or sending emails.

Students learn the skill present problems logically, concisely and effectively

7.      Foreign languages:

Students are able to read, translate technical documents using English, also they are able basically communicate in English in academic and social environment.

8.      Having the knowledge and understanding of the world today:

Students understand the role and responsibilities of an engineer to society, the impact of technology to social norms and vice versa.

Students gain understanding of law, history and culture.

Students are able to understand the meaning and have the abilities to update information, how globalization affect currently adopted technical solutions and technical designs.

9.      Recognizing and forming ideas – students will be able to:

Recognize and analyze real demands.

Analyze technical description and characteristics of products

Sketch product design ideas

Foresee difficulties may be met in designing, manufacturing and finishing the products.

10.  Designing – Students will be able to:

Design parts of the system or the whole system, or the process with which real demands are satisfied. Express through the abilities of: design, stimulate and implement experiments, analyze and explain systematically all the problems…

11.  Implementation – Students will be able to:

Implement designing and manufacturing tasks; implement manufacturing processes, controlling software building processes and systematical integration; implement the testing and checking system.

12.  Operation:

Students will be able to design the operational system, to organize or join in educating activities, transfer or provide technical services after transferring.