Meeting with Professor Ken Hurst from Manchester Metropolitan University

09:51 - 07/11/2014

On 20th October 2011, Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) warmly welcomed Professor Ken Hurst, Head of Engineering School from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), UK.

The official visit started with official greetings from TNUT's Rector, Professor Phan Quang The. The two leaders exchanged information about the training and scientific research in order to identify cooperation activites between the two universities.


Meeting with TNUT's Rector, Associate Professor Dr. Phan Quang The 

After the meeting with TNUT's board of directors, Professor Ken Hurst hosted a seminar at Meeting room No 2. On behalf of the university, Professor Nguyen Dang Hoe expressed sincere thanks towards the opportunities that MMU had given to students and staffs of TNUT. Below are some of the topics that were discussed during the seminar:

  • About MMU: Overall information about the university.
  • About Research in the Faculty of Science and Technology; Introduction on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, on-going research at MMU; Excellent facilities for education and training at MMU.





 Seminar given by Professor Ken Hurst of Manchester Metropolitan University

People who attended the seminar were lecturers and students of MMU. Several questions raised include student life at MMU, scholarships and differences between the education systems of Vietnam and UK.