Program of Manufacturing mechanics

09:05 - 28/07/2015

After completing the program, Students are supposed to gain the  abilities in the following terms

1. Logical thinking and technical problem solving

-   Analyze and evaluate technical problems.

-   Form and build up manufacturing processes.

-   Emulate manufacturing processes.

-   Promote solutions and suggestions.

2. Empirical Research and knowledge discovery:

-   Implement experiments

-   Test new technical solutions to be applied

3. Systematic thinking:

-   Investigate problems comprehensively

-   Determine connections and interactions within processes

-   Indicate and arrange key factors

-   Analyze solutions and choose appropriate ones

4. Personalities and job-related characteristics:

 Students are trained to develop and show abilities on

-   Creative thinking

-   Critical thiinking

-   Personal characteristics and skills such as self-study skill, skill of using information technology,

sense of identity, time management, job organization

Students are also trained about honesty, duties and responsibilities, behaviours

and the ability to plan for future, along with the willing to update advancements in technical fields.


    Students have the abilities to organize, lead or join in groups of the same or different disciplines, in an international environment.

      6.Technical communication:

-  Establish logical and persuasive arguments; present technical solutions by means of graphics,

models and multi-media gadgets; communicate both conventionally, via written letters, and

electronically, via e-mails.

-  Present problems logically, concisely and comprehensibly

7.Foreign languages:

Students are able to communicate and utilize technical materials in English

8.Awareness of contemporary issues:

-  Be aware of an engineer’s roles and responsibilities to the society,

the impact of technology on social norms and vice versa.

-  Get access to knowlwdge of law, social culture, and the era’s trends

9.Recognizing and forming ideas – students will be able to:

Recognize and analyze technical requirements and characteristics of products

- Make a draft of ideas on the design and manufacture of products

- Make a draft of technical requirements

- Anticipate difficulties that may be encountered in the design and manufacture of products

10. Designing  

Students will be able to:

Design systematically in order to meet financial and technical requirements; estabilish manufacturing processes of parts of system or the whole system. This is shown with abilities to design, establish manufacturing processes, simulate and model, analyse and explain problems in a logical way.


 Students will be able to:

Schedule designing and manufacturing tasks; implement processes of mechanical manufacturing, developing controlling software and systematical integration; implement testing and checking of systems.


Students will be able to tutor and operate manufacturing systems, to organize and/or training and transferring activities, and other post-transferring services.