Thai nguyen university signed cooperation contract with Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan.

10:20 - 28/06/2016

In the morning of May 10th, 2016, Associate Professor Dr. Vu Ngoc Pi, the Vice Rector of Thai Nguyen University of Technology(TNUT) –Thai Nguyen University participated in the working session with Directorate and teachers in charge of Chienkuo Technology University (CTU), Taiwan.

Chienkuo Technology University is located in Changhua City, Taiwan. CTU has matured into an outstanding establishment synonymous with innovation and best practice. The  main objective of CTU is to develop the students into a practising professional determined to apply their skills for the common good, and cultivate openness to the reception, creation and sharing of ideas.

At the working session, after introducing about the CTU, Mr Lin Huo-Hsing, Director of Secretariat – Dean of Office for International Affairs, expressed the expectations to cooperate with TNUT. With the prestige of TNUT and its teachers’ qualifications as well as experience in working with other partners, Vice Rector Vu Ngoc Pi assured and believed in the quality of long-term and effective cooperation between TNUT and CTU. Both sides successfully signed the Memorandum of Understanding on student and staff exchange for joint research activities.