Visit by foreign Professors of Polish and UK Universities

10:08 - 07/11/2014

Visit by foreign Professors of Polish and UK Universities

September 18, 2011, Thainguyen University of Technology has warmly welcomed a group of Professors from The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; The University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus, Malaysia  and Technical University of Lodz, Poland. Within framework of one-day visiting, a seminar has been held in Conference room No4, Administration Building, in the morning. These professors have represented some interesting topics in Mechanical and Dynamic fields.

Seminar 1: Nonlinear Dynamics and Engineering design - presented by Professor Marian Wiercigroch.

Center for Applied Dynamics Research, School of Engineering, Kings College, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Seminar 2: Applied Dynamics - presented by Professor Woo Ko-Choong

Faculty of Engineering  and Computer Science, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus.

Seminar 3: Dynamics in Games - presented by Professor Tomasz Kapitaniak

Head of Division of Dynamics, Technical University of Lodz. 

Participants, mostly being lecturers from Faculty of Mechanic Engineering, were so interested in these talks. This was a really helpful seminar which offered a good chance for lecturers at TNUT to discuss not only mechanical topics but also academic issues to these foreign professors.

Speaking at the seminar, Vice-Rector of TNUT Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Dang Hoe gave a great thank to Professors and hoped that more academic cooperation activities would be made in near future amongst TNUT and those universities.

In the afternoon, the group of professors had a official meeting with the TNUT’s Board of Presidents. After that, these professors have visited  Central Laboratories, Electrical and Mechanical Workshops in TNUT.

At the end of the visit, professors highly appreciated the work at TNUT. They believed that, with excellent lecturers and good facilities of the university, TNUT will achieve great successes in scientific research and education in near future.