Information technology and library

14:48 - 22/05/2015


        With the determination that the application of Information Technology is one of the important goals, the current infrastructure of the university was modernized in all aspects. The network system include 11 high-speed fiber optic cables (60Mbps), 11 modern Servers is capable of storing thousands of gigabytes of data along with the modern Cisco devices to create a platform of Information Technology infrastructure fulfilling the services in teaching, research, study, dissemination of information, ... of the university.


Host system

The Information Technology Services for staff and students include:

Vietnamese Website: There are more than 30 sites serving the posting of information on all aspects such as facilities, staff, training, science and technology and students of the university and member institutions.

English Website: 15 English websites posted the information on the employees, training, science and technology, student mission,... serve to promote the image of the university with international partners .

E-learning: Website managing E-learning online courses services for faculty and students with over 4000 hits / day, fulfill requests for lectures, course materials, assignments , scores, ... as Universities in the United States.

Management Software: Software System Edusoft services for credit training of the university. It also consists of financial management software, facilities management, library management, ...

Providing Email accounts: Provide Email accounts for students in the entire university. For all exchanges with university and teachers, students have to use the school's email.

Providing E-learning account: Provides E-learning accounts for the students to access and use the learning materials of the subject that they participate.

Providing Internet system for staff and students:

          - Wired and wireless network system is provided for over 600 staff members of the university to meet the full demands of work and research.

          - Each room at the dormitory is equipped with free Internet servicing for students’ learning needs.

Providing free Wi-Fi system: Students studying at 4-floor library have free Wifi at the first, the second and the third Floor of the library. The wifi system also fully coverages in the Large Hall.

Provides online learning: Students use this system to learn directly from the professor teaching at the University of the United States and other countries around the world.

LIBRARY (Website:

         The library is modern with full equipment and materials regularly updated to cater for the teaching and learning of staff and students:

          - The number of seats for readers: 1,000

          - The number of English books: 4,000

          - The number of Vietnamese books: 80,000

          - The computer room: 150 computers

          - Online English Documents: 1500

          In particular, every year, TNUT focuse on the investment to purchase full English books of all majors with 2-3 billions VND in order to expedite the process of international integration on basis of lecturers to meet the English national Foreign Language project in 2020.


Two spacious libraries on campus


English-book library


Studying at the library


Computer system to access material resources


IT-Lab Room, Thai Nguyen University of Technology

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