Mission and Vision

15:19 - 07/11/2014



     As a member of Thai Nguyen University, TNUT is dedicated to offering qualified engineers and leaders in engineering fields. Our graduated people will contribute to the demands of economic and social development in Northern mountainous provinces and the nation of Viet Nam. We also foster the technical transfer of research results, encourage industry-academic cooperation, and serve as a major provider of industrial knowledge and technology. TNUT always maintains and develops international academic cooperation and follows the successful experience of globally renowned universities in order to achieve a high standing among prestigious universities in nation and ASIAN.



     TNUT will be a leading institution in providing multi-discipline, multi-degree academic programs in Science and Technology. Our long-term commitment is to develop human resources for Northern mountainous provinces and the nation. Based on the university’s traditional strengths, and together with 2 imported advanced curricula in Electrical and Mechanical engineering, successes in training will be strong backgrounds  for TNUT to develop new technological disciplines. We also looking for stable academic cooperation with international prestigious universities and research institutes to diversify cooperative training models. We embrace three sub-visions:




Developing stably the full-time Bachelor degree in quantity and quality in accordance with demands of society.Enlarging Master and PhD degrees based on strength disciplines at undergraduate level.




Promoting TNUT to be a prestigious institution in scientific research and technology transfer in the area, nation and worldwide. Key technological fields are focused in material technology, mechanics, control and automation engineering…

     Nurturing, recruiting and retaining best quality people in order to provide excellent lecturers and researchers. Providing best facilities and services to our people.



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