Introduction to the facilities of Thai Nguyen University of Technology

17:29 - 16/06/2015

Thai Nguyen University of Technology was built in the area of 50 ha in Tich Luong district, Thai Nguyen city which is the economic - cultural - social center of not only Thai Nguyen province, but also the Northern mountainous areas of Vietnam. The university is located on the roadside of the national road No. 3, the connecting route between Ha Noi (i.e., the capital city) and the Northern provinces.

Behind the main gate, there is an impressive architectural space; all office-building, lecture-hall, library, laboratory, dormitory and sport complex are arranged in an homogeneous design with green grass, flower garden, bonsai and big trees whose age is equal to that of the university. This makes us feel as if it was a vast vegetational park with fresh and pure


A series picture of the university

Experiencing 50 years of construction and development, currently, the facility of the university consists of a 35 ha campus, 16,317 m2 classroom, 6,033 m2 office-building for the board committee and the functional office, 10,351 m2 office-building for lectures, 4,931 m2 exprimental laboratory, and 2,862 m2 for practice with sufficient modern equipment, 19,000 m2 domitory, 3,476 m2 library, 1,200 m2 cafeteria, 198 m2 clinic, more than 10,000 m2 court for outdoor activities. All the facilities are set and upgraded frequently according to the overall planning of the university.


Administration building square – the administration building for the board committee and the functional offices.

Office-building for lecturers: Thai Nguyen University of Technology spends five 4-floor buildings with the total area of 10,300 m2 for lecturers’ offices. All of the lecturers in each faculty have their own offices as the following rules: 1 person/room for Doctor and Professor, and 2 people/room for Master and Bachelor (each room area is more than 20 m2). After lecture time in classroom, lecturers are supposed to work in their offices: doing research, meeting and/or discussing with students by appoitments.


The office-building of the lecturers.

Classroom: The university has 67 classrooms with the capability of 60-100 seats, enough for the study of more than 4,000 students per period, especially, ensuring the training activities of the credit-based systems. Classrooms are all equipped with projectors, celling fans, curtain, and audio systems (in large-size classroom). The university has been investing in two specialized buildings, which will improve the quality of English study and examination with the intenational standard.

All the facilities including lecture-halls, technical equipment, hygiene, etc. are maintained in good conditions.                                       


The overview of the lecture-hall building..


Large-size lecture-hall with 100 seats, meeting requirements of the credit-based training systems.


The university has an experiment center with 07 laboratories in various majors: Electrical, Electrical - Electronics; Manufacturing, Materials, Mechanical dynamics, Electromechanics, Construction, Environment engineering, Principle of Physics and Chemical Experiments. 

The items of equipment have been provided recently. Most of them are modern devices and only appear in the prestigious university in the world, such as fast prototyping machine Z510 (manufactered by Z-corp), open sim systems, machining centers (Mazak, Japan), wire cutters, industrial robots, CAD/CAM experiments, DCS control systems, three-component cutting force measurement systems, scanning electron microscope, experimental electric equipments of ABB, OMON, SIEMEN, and LABVOL, etc.

Thanks to the modern laboratories, the capability of conducting experiment and research in the university is significantly improved; in 2013-2014, the university had about 219 research articles published in both national and international journals, received eight Thai Nguyen University awards for the creative research products, implemented 42 research projects at ministry, province and university levels.


The 5-floor experiment center with modern laboratories ensuring the study and research of lecturers and students in the university.


 CNC vertical machining center                                                        EDM CNC wire cutters

CNC lathe QTS200 and VCS vertical milling 630-Mazak

The experimental systems of the protection and switch for distribution transformers.


The experimental systems for signal transmission and antenna

                               Scanning electron microscope                                VEGA3USB EasyProbe


The experimental system for process control


                               E-nuvo robot WAL VER – Japan                              The helicopter model Twin Rotor Momo - England


The model of magnetic disk motor

Pratice workshop: The university has built two buildings for practice workshops with the total area of 2,862 m2, in which there are a variety of equipment, machines for studens to do internship and practice in the university.

The mechanical workshop – Practice center

 Library: The library has 19 rooms with the total area of more than 3,476 m2, including one room for borrowing, eight for reading, three for internet access, two for language-study, and the rest is for categorization and profession.

Two library buildings.

The library is invested with many equipment, devices and professional softwares, it is quickly equipped, computerized and modernized to share data with the Learning Resource Center in Thai Nguyen University, also, to connect with many national and international library centers. The library is always considered an important part of the university, serves both undergraduate and postgraduate training, retraining, and improves the professional ability of lecturers and staff. Currently, the library has more than 100,000 books in Vietnamese, 3,000 books in English, and about 50 magazines and journals.

Network center:

The network center is to ensure that the teaching and studying of lecturers and students are conducted properly. This is also a place to implement the plans, training programs, operational schedule in the university, and connect to other organizations both in Vietnam and oversea.

Thai Nguyen University of Technology has built a network infrastructure including 11 hosts with powerful configuration, 11 high-speed fiber optic cables (60 Mbs), direct internet connection (leaseline) 10 MB in Vietnam and 1 MB abroad, wifi systems covering all the campus; which serve the needs of online resources, study and research of all staff, lecturers and students. The software system includes 30 websites of the university and its faculties; E-learning website for lecturers and students with more than 4,000 accesses per day, a systematic software named Edusoft for the credit-based training systems of the university.

The dormitory with six 5-floor buildings.

Dormitory: The university’s dormitories consist of six 5-floor buildings with the total area of 19,000 m2 construction; it has modern design that meets the national standard. Each room is equipped with bunk beds for 6-8 students; bathroom is included; power supply, water supply and services are available. The university provides internet cables to each room with seven high-speed FTTH cables; it is convenient for students to use internet for enrollment, doing assignment, and interacting with lecturers using E-learning. The living environment in the dormitory is clean; security and safety are ensured to help students to concentrate on study. The dormitory not only provides good living infrastructure, cultural and spiritual life, but also create an environment for students to train their self-reliance, responsibility to people and community, and contribute to the moral training, good lifestyle and personality.

Physical education zone: Being parts of the university, the physical education zone is a multifunctional construction with gymnasium, tennis courts, volleyball courts, artificial-grass soccer courts, and athletic fields, etc. It is open regularly for thousands of students and staff to study and train. In the coming years, the university is planning to invest in a new sports complex in an area of 4,000 m2. In addition, there will be a hot-water bathroom system, which serves the demand of students in dormitory and outside of the campus.

The artificial-grass soccer courts.

Clinic: There is always one doctor and four nurses in the university’s clinic. It has the total area of 198 m2 with six rooms, 15 beds, one examination table and other necessary medical equipments. This is the place to achieve the initial and regular health care records, and health tracking of thousands of students and staff; it also takes care of the health care insurance, periodically checking the hygiene and food safety in the university. Besides, annually, the clinic cooperates with the preventive health care center of Thai Nguyen city to launch several movements for the disease prevention, and hygiene activity in the university.

Canteen: The canteen is a two-floor building with the area of 1,200 m2, which consists of a kitchen zone, four large dining rooms, and cafeteria. The canteen serves food and drinking for thousands of students and staff. Because of good hygiene, food safety, control of food sources, the service is always guaranteed in high quality. 

Guest house: The guest house provides accommodation for professors from foreign countries and lecturers, specilists, guests from other universityes in Vietnam.

Each apartment consists of bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, which fulfils the need of self-cook in long-term residence. Air conditioners, TV cables, refrigerator, telephone, Internet access, bedroom, etc. are available ensuring good living and working conditions.


The guest house.

The guest house for specialists.

General service center: With the aim to build an environment for advanced and modern education where studying and teaching activities are well facilitated, the university has invested in a general service center with 26 different stores, including fast-food, drinking, office items, cloth, shoes, spa, hair-cut, book and magazine, printing and photocopy, computer-service, studying equipments, etc.

The infrastructure takes a particularly important role in the development of Thai Nguyen University of Technology in 50 years. It is continuously upgraded and renovated; all generations graduated from Thai Nguyen University of Technology are proud of its nonstopping innovation, globalization and integration.