15:06 - 26/07/2017


In the afternoon of June 28th, 2017, at the meeting room of Administrative Building, Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Duy Cuong, TNUT’s Rector, along with the faculties members of Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT), welcomed and worked with the delegation of National Central University (NCU) - Taiwan, which comprises the following members:

1.      Hsuan Ren, PhD – Centre for Space and Remote Sensing Research

2.      Jia – Jyun Dong, PhD – Graduate Institute of Applied Geology

3.      Hsieh-Lung Hsu, PhD – Associate Dean for International Affairs

4.      Kun-Yu Lai, Assistant Professor – Department of Optics and Photonics

5.      Tso-Ren Wu, PhD – Associate Professor and Director

6.      Ping-Yu Hsu, PhD – Vice President for Internationl Affairs

7.      Seng-Hui Chen, PhD - Department of Optics and Photonics

At the working session, both sides discussed about cooperation possibilities, especially scholarship from NCU, including Academic Excellence Scholarship  and Sponsored Scholarship.

With the prestige of TNUT and its teachers’ qualifications as well as experience in working with other partners, the Rector Nguyen Duy Cuong assured and believed in the quality of long-term and effective cooperation between TNUT and NCU.

Some photos of the visit