Department of Inspection - Law

15:25 - 04/12/2014

1. Function

- Department of Inspection - Law is an internal inspection organization, which functions to advise and assist the Rector in performing the inspection and examination within the jurisdiction of the Rector to ensure the enforcement of the law and the implementation of the university’s tasks, to protect the interests of the Government, the legitimate rights, interests of organizations and individuals in the field of education and training.

- Department of Inspection - Law advises the Rector on implementing the Government management in the field of law; helps the Rector organize the implementation of the internal normative documents within the powers and responsibilities of the Rector; evaluates, reviews, checks documentation, codifies internal normative documents; participates, educates law; checks the implementation of legislation in the university and performs other assigned tasks.

2. Missions

2.1. Inspection

- Submitting the Rector the programs, annual inspection plans and implementing after approval of the Rector; monitoring and reviewing the situation of the inspection and reporting periodically to the Rector.

- Organizing the inspection activities under the direction of the Rector. During inspection, if necessary, propose to the Principal to mobilize staffs of other departments to complete the assigned task.

- Inspecting the observance of education law for individuals and departments of the university. By inspection activities, recommend to the Rector of the problem needed to be solved, adjust and improve of the management regulations and methods to direct the implementation to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of university management.

- Inspection of the implementation of the regulations, provisions and assigned tasks of departments and individuals under the jurisdiction of the Rector.

- Advising the Rector on the settlement of complaints and denunciations: clarifying, verifying and proposing solutions. Helping Rectormeetcitizens under the provisions of the Law on Complaints and Denunciations.Summarizing , reporting the work to the whole university.

- Organizing the inspection, checking the management, training, diploma and certificate within the school management.

- Other tasks assigned by the Rector.

2.2. Laws

- Advising the Rector on the legality of administrative documents. This department can adjust one or more different areas before establishing. In addition, organizingthe documentation formulation and promulgating them by applying law of education and training are also the main missions of Department of Inspection – Laws.

- Propagandizing, deploying, specifying the legal documents on education and training.

- Helpingthe Rector protect the legitimate rights and interests of the university, the staffs, lecturers, students of the university.

- Organizing propagating and spreading law, regulations for the staffs, lecturers, students of the university. Coordinating with other departments to inspect the implementation of laws, rules, regulation and propose sanction.

- Helpingthe Rector prepare comments on the draft legal document by the government agencies sent for comments; recommendations to the authorized government agencies to alter and supplement legal documents.

- Other tasks assigned by the Rector.