AP Enrollment and International Collaboration Training

08:13 - 11/11/2014


To improve the quality of Vietnamese educational system, harmonize and develop with the university-level education in other developed countries in the world, the MOET has implemented the Advanced program project (AP) at a few universities in Vietnam. The project has been invested in by up to 95% by the Vietnamese government for training in terms of inviting international professors, preparing teaching facilities suitable with cooperating universities and allows some Vietnamese universities to apply the curriculum of other distinguished universities in the world, especially those of US universities.

TNUT, one of a few Vietnamese outstanding universities, is granted the Advanced program in Mechanical Engineering (since 2007) and Electrical Engineering (since 2009) cooperating with the University at Buffalo (UB), the State University of New York, USA whose programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology – ABET at UB.

Goals of the Advanced program

Known as a non-profit-making program, it focus on deploying a new training model to make a contribution in training quality enhancement and performs basic and all-out innovative training programs in Vietnamese education;

Provides a background on modern learning, life and career skills, the abilities of self-study and self-research;

Improves lecturers’ knowledge levels in terms of specialty, professionalism and foreign language proficiency in order to assist them in teaching and doing research at distinguished universities in the world;

Makes essential changes in training, teaching methodology, training organization and management methodology, ways of assessment, combining training and doing research;

Heightens researching competence of Vietnamese universities by collaborating with foreign universities, receiving requests for scientific and technical projects from firms at home and abroad;


The Advanced program is “imported” totally in terms of curriculum, textbooks, training processes, assessment methods, accreditation; additionally, students must learn some Marxist-Leninist Scientific courses

Solutions for achieving the goals

Establishing close relationships with the cooperating university and other universities in the USA;

Organizational and managerial methods at TNUT and the cooperating university must be identical;

Create clubs in universities owning the Advanced Programs in order to discuss issues regarding to the Advanced programs such as the exchange of training experiences, and the  sharing of lecturer resources;

Gives assistance to TNUT lecturers in approaching, acquiring and implementing the Advanced Program in a way that is amenable to the conditions at TNUT and in Vietnam as a whole;

Provides an academic environment, especially one with foreign lecturers, in which students may apply confidently and effectively what they have been taught with regards to self-study and conducting research successfully.



With Shandong University of Technology

Implementing the agreement on training cooperation signed between the Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) and Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST), from the year 2009 - 2010, both universities to co-organize joint training "2+2" programs . Vietnamese students who graduate from the program will receive a full-time undergraduate degree from SDUST.

Majors and diplomas:

- Mechanical Engineering - Electronics;

- Electrical Engineering and Automation;

- Trade and International Economics.

Form of training: Full-time

Diploma: Engineers for the Engineering Industry and a Bachelor of International Business granted by SDUST.

Time and venue


- Duration of the course: 04 years


The first two years, students will study at TNUT.

- Students can study subjects in Vietnamese with facilities at TNUT at the same time learning Mandarin taught by Chinese lecturers.

- Students with outstanding academic achievement will be given scholarships by TNUT to enhance Chinese during the summer semester.

The last two years will take place at SDUST, China.

- Students study specialized subjects in Chinese at SDUST, Qingdao City, Shandong, China.

- -In particular, students who graduate under this program from good and above will be granted a full scholarship to study at the Master's program at SDUST and priorities to be lecturers at TNUT after receiving Master's degree.