History and Development

09:17 - 24/05/2017

History and Development                                           


Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT), the predecessor of which was a branch of Hanoi University of Technology and Science, established according to Decision No.164 - CP on August 19th 1965 by Prime Minister of Democracy Republic of Viet Nam, afterwards renamed as the University of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In 1976, the university was called Viet Bac Industrial Engineering University, and then in 1982 its name was changed to Thai Nguyen University of Industry. Since 1994 it has become a key member of Thai Nguyen University with its new name as Thai Nguyen University of Technology. Located in Thai Nguyen city, the main campus occupies a huge and peaceful premises which is an excellent studying environment for students.           


 In 2005, TNUT was one of first ten universities of the country participated into the accreditation education process, fitted national standards with high rank by National Accreditation Committee. The university has been altering its training system to the credit training system since the school year of 2006 – 2007. Up to now, it has successfully operated the credit training system for all full time programs and 03 part – time training batches. Moreover, TNUT is one of the best universities in Vietnam evaluated by Ministry of Education and Training that implements the credit system well.                                                                                                                                        

 Since 2007, the university’s curriculum has been renewed in accordance with module structure, which creates high possibilities for cross joints among different fields of study. This enables the international higher education integration process and allows learners to study on their own capabilities and demands with high flexibility.              

 At present, the university has 594 staff, in which 400 full-time lecturers (80% of them holding Master and PhD degrees). Students’ population at TNUT are about 7,000 undergraduates and graduates (nearly 2.5% of them belongs to ethnic minority groups), some of them from Lao’s P.D.R and the Kingdom of Cambodia, studying in 19 technical and technological areas. TNUT are also running more than 20 co-operative training venues to offer off-campus Bachelor degree in different provinces in the North of Vietnam.                                             

 Experiencing 52 years of development, TNUT has being trained for Vietnam, especially for Northern provinces, more than 30,000 engineers, over 5,000 technicians and thousands Masters of engineering. Many young lecturers and students of TNUT who left behind the ambition of study have devoted their youthfulness to the period of Vietnam War. The devotion of our members has contributed to the achievements of independence and freedom of the motherland and has been memorized by Vietnamese modern history. The university has being firmly committed to offer well-trained graduates to the Vietnam’s modernization and industrialization and to be is one of the most significant scientific research and technology transfer centers of Viet Nam. 


 Due to great achievements after 52 years of development, TNUT is proud to be awarded many noble rewards including the first class, second and third Labor Medals; the second and third class Independent Medals; and the title “National Labor Hero” from the Vietnamese State (in 2010).