Office for Planning and Finance

15:04 - 31/12/2014

Planning - Finance was established under the Decision No. 1164 / QĐ-ĐHTN   dated 13/10/2011 of TNU’s Director.

1. Functions

- Advising and helping the Rector to manage and to implement the Financial Planning and Accounting of the University.

- Planning budget and legal incomes, managing TNUT ‘s revenue and expense;  and performing other duties assigned by the Rector.

- Consulting to deploy the transfers of technology, the productions and the business in accordance with TNUT’s training majors in order to combine researching with practicing;

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Set up the annual financial plan.

2.2. Estimate the revenues – expense budget and other legal incomes.

2.3. Manage the system of records and documents under the regulations of law.

2.4. Check the financial documents before submitting to the Rector.

2.5. Set up the financial statements under the regulations of law.

2.6. Publicity the revenue and expense reports of the TNUT under the regulations of law.

2.7. Payment and final account of items under the regulations of TNUT.

2.8. Manage directly the TNUT Ltd. ‘s technology transferring activities and businesses.

Specific tasks:

- Based on the training plans, basic construction investment plans, equipments procurement plans, regulations and policies of the State and internal spending rules of TNUT to set up the annual financial plan before submitting to the Rector.

- Organize and implement the budget and legal incomes assigned.

- Suggest to the Board of Directors about apportionment of the budget assigned to perform the education duties of TNUT.

- Planning the using of funds monthly, each quarter and yearly.

- Organize the system of records, documents and the accounting structure to manage activities in accordance with the budget law, accounting, statistics regulated by State.

- Verify financial records in accordance with the regulations before submitting to the Rector.

- Report periodic the budget implementation and budget settlement each quarter and yearly in accordance with regulations of law.

- Return and deduct the personal income tax, VAT, corporate income tax in accordance with regulations of law.

- Publicity the TNUT financial reports, the budget estimate and the budget final account under the regulations of law.

-  Store the accounting documents under the regulations of law.

- Coordinate with other units of TNUT in the planning of collection of tuition fees, student dormitory rent, staffs dormitory rent and others… in accordance with current regulations of law.

- Coordinate with the functional departments to set up salaries fund, scholarships fund and to pay to staffs, lecturers, students under the current and internal regulations of TNUT.

- Coordinate with the office for Facilities Management and Services to implement the provisions of the asset management; plan for new equipment procurements and use assets efficiently. Annually, plan to inventory and reporting; disposal the unusable assets, depreciation of assets in accordance with regulations of law.

- Perform other duties on the fields within the office for planning - finance’s authority

- Check and sign technology transferring and manufacturing agreements in accordance with the registrations.