17:08 - 07/11/2014

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the supreme governing body of the university with responsibility for overseeing the way the university carries out its work. The formal responsibilities are detailed for each member of the Board of Directors with particular affairs covering the full range of the university’s activities. With the strategic aims and objectives of the university, the core concern of The Board of Directors is to strive for its goals and ambitions and able to promote the university’s interests in local, national and international arenas.

1. Rector, Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Cuong, PhD         

In charge of overall tasks and directly covers the following areas:

Financial plan;

Facilities and projects;

Inspection - Legal;


In charge of the following units:

Office of Planning and Finance;

Department of Administration and Services;

Center for General Services;

Department of Inspection and Legislation;

Faculty of Electronic Engineering;

Faculty of Fundamental Sciences;

Center for Admissions.




2. Vice-Rector, Associate Professor Tran Minh Duc, PhD

Directly covers the following areas:

Undergraduate training

Educational Testing and Quality Assurance

In charge of the following units:

Department of Assessment and Education Quality Assurance;

Training department

Faculty of Construction And Environment;

Faculty of Industrial Economics;

Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology;

Department of Political Theory;

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.



3. Vice-Rector, Associate Professor Vu Ngoc Pi, PhD

Directly covers the following areas::

International cooperation;

Scientific research;

Student Affairs;


In charge of the following units:

Office of Science, Technology and International Cooperation;

Center for Practical Workshop;

Center for Social - demand-based Training;

Center for International Training and Cooperation;

Faculty of Automotive Engineering & Engines;

Faculty of International Training;

Office of Student Affairs


4. Vice-Rector, Do Trung Hai, PhD

Directly covers the following areas::

Personnel organization;

General Administration

Emulation and Reward;

Information Technology and Library

In charge of the following units:

Department of General Administration;

Center for Information Technology and Library;

Faculty of Electrical Engineering;

Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Technology