Thai Nguyen University of Technology has left unforgettable mark with FameLab Vietnam 2017

15:34 - 24/05/2017


On April 25, 2017, British Council in Vietnam, VNU Youth Union, VNU Student Affairs Association jointly organized the final round of Famelab Vietnam 2017 at the Nguy Nhu Kon Tum hall. This is the third contest held in Vietnam to find a science communication ambassador to participate in the final round of the world.

Hoang Tien Dat, a lecturer from Faculty of International Training (FIT-TNUT), one of the 12 best finalists, won “Most favourite candidate” prize by giving a fascinating presentation of a new topic about bio-printing technology. This prize resulted from the enthusiastic support of the university, TNUT Youth Union, Student Affairs Association and audiences nationwide.

Dr. Ta Bich Loan awarded the contestants.

This year, the 12 best contestants entered the final round with impressive presentations and they must convince the trio of judges: Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan, Dr. Ta Bich Loan, Asscociate Prof., Dr. Le Anh Vinh. During 3-minute presentations without computer support, diversified scientific topics were introduced,  including modern technologies such as cancer treatment method, bio-printing technology, malaria prevention, antibiotics use, locating the elderly…; and such common things in life as autism in children, science in love, psychological test… With the presentation on using Wolbachia bacteria versus Dengue in Vietnam, the contestant at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam became the winner of Famelab Vietnam 2017.

Lecturer Hoang Tien Dat brought a really surprise to the judges as well as the audiences by introducing the applications of Bio-printing technology both in science and in life. Getting stem cells from newborn babies, or even reprogrammed stem cells from adults’ skin cells, scientists can create human body’s organs. In 2013, American professor Anthony Atala and his group successfully made the artificial kidney. Moreover, early this year, the researchers from Harvard Medical University created the artificial heart and promised to transplant into humans in the coming future. However, this technology is still in the research lab and really new to Vietnam and the judges found it not convincing. Hopefully in the near future, Bio-printing based on 3D printing technology, one of the four technologies (IoT, Robot, 3D printing, Cloud computing) considered to be the fourth industrial revolution, will grow stronger in Vietnam.

This is the first time TNUT has participated in this scientific competition. Lecturer Hoang Tien Dat said that in the year to come, he would continue to share his experiences and train TNUT's students to participate in the competition to promote scientific love as well as better capability of science communication in the university.


The contest is fully saved on Famelab Vietnam Fanpage:


The prize for Most favourite candidate is equal to the Second and Third prizes.



Thai Nguyen University’s Representative, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Ngoc Pi and Dr.  Nguyen Minh Y are in the photo with Lecturer Hoang Tien Dat.

Lecturer Hoang Tien Dat was interviewed before the contest.


Happy moment of lecturers and students from FIT – TNUT.