Working with Technology Transfer Group

16:20 - 29/05/2017

In order to develop the relationships between the university and enterprises as well as to create opportunities for cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer, on March 9th , 1977, Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) held a meeting with Technology Transfer Group (TT-Group), a group with various companies specializing in technology areas, with a view to making technology a top priority. (http : //


The TT-Group delegations included Mr. Dang Huu Cong, Chairman of the Board; Mr. Do Huu Manh, Technical Director; Mr. Trinh Ngoc Anh, Managing Director and other professional Comrades. The representatives of TNUT were Assoc. Prof.PhD. Nguyen Duy Cuong - Rector; Dr. Do Trung Hai - Dean of Electrical Engineering Faculty, Dr. Nguyen Van Chi - Deputy Director of Research Institute of High Technology Development, Dr. Nguyen Minh Y- Deputy Dean of International Training Faculty and lecturers.


At the beginning of the meeting, leaders of the University and TT-Group discussed the opportunities for cooperation between the two sides in the field of Scientific Research and Technology Transfer, especially the application of advanced technology in practical technical problems. In this line, both delegations agreed on common principles of cooperation as follows: TNUT would provide experts in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, measurement and control, industrial computing and electrical systems while TT-Group would invest in experimental equipment including the system of real-time device simulation OP5707 32 cores (2x16) and other related software such as HyperSim, eMEGAsim, ePHASORsim, eFPGAsim, …. The total cost of equipment (both hardware and software) is expected to exceed 20 billion VND (equivalent to nearly 01 million USD). OpalRT company would provide training programs on the exploitation and use of equipment and software for the university technicians.

Both sides continued discussing the contents and projects that could be implemented in the coming period such as simulation, design of measuring, control and protection systems for power plants, firstly for Son La Hydropower Plant that TT-Group had initially deployed. If it is successful, the project can be replicated to other thermal power plants, hydropower plants as well as to power transmission systems in Vietnam.

Next, Dr. Benoit Marcoux, from Canada, gave a presentation on HyperSIM software, a simulation software developed by OpalRT company of Hydro-Quebec, Canada. HyperSIM is one of the most advanced software in real-time simulation of electrical systems, especially simulation of electromechanical, electromagnetic oscillationin the transition mode as well as simulation of control systems, protection systems, HVDC and FACTS in three-phase power systems, etc.

The meeting opened a promising cooperation opportunity between TNUT and the TT-Group in the future. The leaders of the two sides have assigned specific tasks for the staff to carry out the next steps of the program. All the following tasks would be performed by Dr. Do Trung Hai and Dr. Nguyen Minh Y of TNUT and Mr. Do Huu Manh and  Mr. Trinh Ngoc Anh of TT- Group.