Arousing students’ passion for research and creativity at high schools

14:50 - 29/05/2017



                In order to improve the quality of training at high schools, along with improving the quality of teaching staff, it is essential to focus on innovating teaching methods in which teaching and learning activities are needed to be connected to scientific research.                    The goal of scientific and technical research at high schools is determined to be a useful and practical experiential activity, combining theory and practice to apply knowledge of different subjects to solve practical problems. This activity promotes, encourages, orientates, and arouses the students’ passion for research and creativity. Scientific research also motivates students to study, research, nurture, develop and transform their dreams and ideas into real products and it is considered a factor that    orients the future careers to the students.


Instructing  students in the lab

             However, it has been recognized that the introduction of scientific research to high schools encounters different difficulties such as students’ limitations in scientific  research, poor facilities with asynchronous equipment. Moreover, some schools lack the plan to implement and organize research activities so they have not attracted students to participate in.


Testing products

                Recognizing the remaining problems, Faculty of Electronics - Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) has coordinated research activities with high schools in Thai Nguyen city. First, their students are provided with necessary support from the university’s instructors and scientists. Moreover, they are able to use TNUT’s facility, materials, equipment, and laboratories for scientific research activities. Besides, TNUT has policies for research activities such as funds and preferential treatment for teachers guiding students in scientific research. The University also gives special priority to research relating to training and scientific research in collaboration with high schools.


Installing experimental equipment

        The effectiveness of coordinating scientific research with high schools was evidently shown in the last school year. Faculty of Electronics - Thai Nguyen University of Technology instructed four groups of students at Gifted high school, Luong Ngoc Quyen High School and Gang Thep High School to participate in the contest of science and technology in Thai Nguyen province and they gained one first prize, 2 second prizes, and 1 consolation prize. Especially, one research project is to attend the "National High School Science and Technology Competition".

               Through exchanges with students involving in scientific research and high school teachers, the scientists at Thai Nguyen University of Technology found that the students felt very excited and eager to study science. It also provides opportunities for high school students to present their science and technology research results, increase cultural and educational exchanges between localities so that they can integrate with other countries in the world.

               The combination of scientific research between the Faculty of Electronics - Thai Nguyen University of Technology and the high schools has encouraged high school students to carry out research, study technology and apply the knowledge of the subjects studied to solve practical problems in order to develop their qualities and to motivate teachers to improve the quality of teaching at high schools.