16:23 - 29/05/2017

      In the evening of March 18, 2017, Ho Chi Minh communist Youth Union – Vietnamese Students’ Association of Thai Nguyen University organized the 7th English Festival for non English major students in the hall C1 – Thai Nguyen University of Education. With the determination to get the highest award out of the eight teams from eight different universities, the team of Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT)including students from Faculty of International Training had an interesting competition with youthful zeal.

      Throughout the two first parts of the contest “Greeting” and “Learning about social and cultural knowledge”, TNUT’s team gave the audience a lot of laughters and surprise at how welland creatively they performed, as well asthe ability to peakEnglish fluently and the understading of social knowledge.Outstanding with a total score of 31, TNUT’s Teamwas one of three teams to compete in the final part – “Eloquence”.

      The five students taking part in eloquence with the theme “Preserving Vietnamese culture in the period of integration”were cheered loudly by the audiences. The whole hall was so intrigued when waiting for results from the judges. With the score of 25.2 in the final section, the team from TNUT was deserved to receive the highest award of the 7th English Festival for non English major students. The second place belonged to Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy whilethe third came to Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administrations andInternational school of Thai Nguyen University. The organizers also awarded for individuals. Tran Thanh Bang, a student from Falculty of International Training was given the incentive award and the prize for the most voted video.

Some images at the contest:


Mr Ha Xuan Linh – Secretary Ho Chi Minh communist Youth Union opened the Festival.


”Greeting” part of TNUT’ team.


Representatives of TNUT took part in Eloquence contest


Representative of TNUT got the highest award