10:51 - 24/05/2017

On the occasion of the 86th anniversary celebration of The Communist Youth Union (26/03/1931-26/03/2017), THE FIT ENGLISH FESTIVAL was formally held on  09/03/2017 by the cooperation between FIT’s Joint Youth Branch and TNUT’s English Consultancy Center. The festival was actually a competition among students of K49, K50, K51 and K52 on social and cultural knowledge. Notably, the language used in the festival was English. FIT - a TNUT’s key faculty to organize and develop English taught training programs as well as a leading unit in teaching and learning English activities - has, for the first time, succeeded to bring students an extremely useful and exciting play ground on the English language.


Distinguished guests at the festival consisted of Mr. Le Xuan Hung – Deputy Secretary of TNUT’s Youth Union; Ms. Hoang Thi Tham, MA – FIT’s Deputy Dean, Head of Foreign Language Division; Dr. Nguyen Minh Y - FIT’s Deputy Dean; Professor Puta, Professor Louie – Teachers of Advanced Program; Dr. Duong Duc Minh – Teacher of International School, Thai Nguyen University; representatives of Joint Youth Branches; representatives of TNUT’s clubs; teachers; and FIT’s students.


The festival’s four comprised parts - greeting, social and cultural knowledge quiz, film dubbing, and relay eloquence – generated an exceptionally exhilarating atmosphere sunk in English, making the audience   eager and cheerful. Never before has, consequently, English been of such closeness. After two hours of drastic and ebullient competition, the first prize belonged to team K51AP, the second prize belonged to team K49AP, and the third prize went to teams K50AP and K52AP. The Fit English Festival  ended and became a success. Although being the first festival, The Fit English Festival conveyed positive effect and great contributions to students’ foreign language learning movement in TNUT. With excellent achievements, The Fit English Festival of much more surprise and interest is bound to reoccur in the coming times.



Board of Assessor 



Distinguished guests



Mr. Le Xuan Hung – Deputy Secretary of TNUT’s Youth Union congratulated FIT’s Joint Youth Branch



Team K49AP’s outstanding part of greeting



The social – cultural quiz



Team K51AP’s part of film dubbing



The last part: Relay Eloquence



Audience’s excitement



Team K51AP – the Champions



Distinguished guests and FIT students